A bit more on "A Slumber did my spirit seal."  An urgent conjuration that they should like the Intimations Ode.  Followed by a bit of literary theory - the theory of axiology or value.  Dworkin's view of literary interpretation: interpret so as to make a literary work the best work it can possibly be.  Derived from his view of the Constitution.  Some strictly amateur talk about the Constitution and the right to privacy as found in Griswold vs. Connecticut.  The ordering of two works attributed to Solomon: Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.  Which ordering do we prefer?  The end of Lear; do we prefer he die happy or in despair, and why?  (Most people who wrote about the issue wanted to claim he died happy.)  Do we prefer "trees" to be the hopeful alternative to "rocks and stones" or the grim failure even of something living to be more than rocks and stones are in earth's diurnal course.  Intimations Ode itself Monday?